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In Netherlands, you may not know or hear about TROIAREUKE. In Korea, it is a leading skincare cosmetic company that over 5,000 skincare clinics use their products! GPS mask Home Spa Kit lets you enjoy professional treatment at home. It's the world's 1st aesthetic 3 steps mask which has been recognised by hundreds of skin professionals around the world.


It consists of 3 simple steps - Soft & Natural Cleasing, Bio-cellulose Mask, and Cell Energy Cream.

[STEP 1 - Skinshielder Cel-Cleanser]
- removes dirt and oil with natural Coco-glucoside ingredient
- Waterhugcell® technology keeps skin hydration during and after cleaning
- Micro Size Bio-cellulose Skin Scrub help to reduce black head, brighten skin, increase skin moisture retention and reduce pore size.


[STEP 2 - GPS Mask]
- 100% Bio-cellulose Mask has 50 times higher density than sheet mask.
- Best affinity to skin and exactly shape of your face like your second skin.
- Active ingredients can be perfectly reserved and and transform to skin.
- Contains 47% Centella Asiatica Extract which calms and restores the skin.


[STEP 3 - Cell Energy Cream]
- A perfect nourishing facial & neck cream with Tremella Fuciformis Extract, Galactomyces fement, 7 peptides & Pinus densiflora leaf extract.
- Dramatic brightening and recovering effect

TROIAREUKE - GPS Mask Home Spa Kit 3 Step

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  • South Korea


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